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Handyman Services

We have realized that when you update the colors in your space, it is often the best time to update the other things in that space. For this reason, we also provide handyman services. This means that you will not have to call another contractor to take  care of the small jobs after the painting is done. All of this can be taken care of by us. Take a look below at the services we provide if you are interested in having other areas of your home updated to match the new paint.

Profile view of a male electrician stepping on a ladder and installing a ceiling fan in a

Electrical Fixture Replacement

  • Flush-mount light replacement

  • Vanity light replacement

  • Chandelier replacement

  • Ceiling fan replacement

  • Garbage disposal replacement

  • Outlet and GFI replacement


Plumbing Fixture Replacement

  • Toilet replacement

  • Kitchen and bath faucet replacement

  • Sink replacement

  • Bathroom vanity replacement

  • Shower trim replacement

Detail of corner flooring with intricate crown molding and plinth. .jpg


Sometimes, that trim has been dented, kicked, or chewed-on so many times, that it will take more than painting to look beautiful again. Sometimes a deck board or window trim has rotted. We offer:

  • Baseboard trim replacement

  • Shoe molding replacement

  • Casing trim replacement

  • Deck board replacement

  • Exterior trim replacement



We love transforming a room with a combination of paint and new flooring. The flooring services we provide include:

LVP installation

Laminate installation

LVT installation

Hole in ceiling showing water and mold damage..jpg

Drywall Repair

This is a common repair for us. Drywall is frequently cut out due to water or mold damage. Sometimes drywall is cut out for access . Sometimes drywall is just damaged from a doorknob, furniture, or any other list of reasons. Whatever the reason, we specialize in drywall patching and will be able to make it look like the hole was never there.

Key in the Lock

Miscellaneous Tasks

Other miscellaneous tasks we do:

  • Door knob/handle  replacement

  • Door hinge replacement

  • Ring/video doorbell installation

  • Hanging pictures

  • Hanging towel hooks/racks/TP holders

  • Hanging mirrors

  • Hanging curtain rods

  • Appliance installation

  • Thermostat replacement

Satisfaction Guarantee

Just like our painting, we guarantee our handyman services. We 100% guarantee all labor on these services. 

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